- August 2017


The 10 Best Milkshakes Around Los Angeles

All of the shakes at Hot Hot Food are vegan. Hot Hot Food, a relatively new spot located in an up-and-coming area of Hoover Street, specializes in fried rice, but the selection of vegan milkshakes is outstanding. Don’t let the term “vegan milkshake” turn you off, because Hot Hot Food is serving up shakes that are so delicious, you won’t miss the dairy. The toasted marshmallow, coconut milk, and strawberry is topped with toasted vegan marshmallows, and you’ll definitely want to snap a photo of this beauty before you inhale it. Other flavors include Bananagrams (banana and almond); Lemon, olive oil, and sea salt; and Mexican Chocolate. They aren’t listed on the menu, but plain chocolate or vanilla vegan shakes are available, as well, and they are delicious. For kids and parents who are sensitive to dairy, this is the place to go to satisfy your milkshake craving without getting an upset tummy.

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